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Restoration Services


Service Information

Service Price
Cleaning Hours
1-3 Hours
Number Of Cleaners
1-2 Cleaners
Business Hours
9:00 am - 6:00 pm


Water Damage

No matter the size of the disaster Seven wonders is here to help. Highly trained water restoration technicians are proud to work with you and restore your property. We also have advance water inspection, extraction, and drying equipment. Seven Wonders is prepared to serve you in any water Loss Incidents!

Fire Damage

We are trusted in the restoration industry! We have highly trained fire restoration technicians. Fire damage is extremely dangerous and stressful. We work quickly to reduce the spread and severity of these conditions. Even commercial structures that have been affected by fires are in good hands at Seven Pro!

Storm Damage

Unpredicted and quick storms can cause severe damage to homes and commercial properties! We have seen many homes and businesses that were affected by back hurricanes. Our team of certified professionals addresses any standing water and structural concerns. As flooding is extremely common, we developed a quick response to extract & dry.

Mold Damage

Mold may not seem like a threat on the surface level. Our professionals work hard to remediate any mold growth. We also provide the best approaches for deodorization, air quality concerns, duct cleaning, containment, demolition, and build back! We understand that mold will always be present in a home or building. But mold should not become an infestation  

Commercial Service 

Commercial businesses are exposed to different large loss scenarios on a daily. Our professionals are here to help you recover quickly. We have certified technicians in multiple areas such as cleaning, deodorization, helping to provide a seamless transition after emergencies.

Cleaning Supplies

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